Tursday: Session 20

Physical chemistry and geochemistry I

Invited Chair: K. Sik Woo, E. Tsoukala


Analysis of the Karst Dynamic System of Vertical Zoned Climate Region in Jinfo Mountain State Nature Reserve,Chongqing, China
C. Zhang, Z. Jiang, S. He


Study on the rainfall sensitivity and hydrochemical variations in epikarst system and its comparison with phreatic system
Y. Liu, D.Yuan


A reconnaissance on the use of the speleothems in Korean limestone caves to retrospective study on the regional climate change for the recent and geologic past
K.S. Woo, K.N. Jo, G.H. Hong, B.C. Suk


Lessons learned from the investigation of an active sulfidic cave
L.D. Hose


Chemistry of cave water in cave from the urban area: A case of Smocza Jama cave, city of Krakow, Poland
Z. Motycka, M. Gradzinski, K. Rozkowski, A. Gorny

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