Tursday: Session 21

Speleo-Education I

Invited Chair: C. Groves, T. Pitsios


Cave and child, Integrated educational Programme: «An underground world»
C. Mavrokosta, E. Kamilaki


Karst field studies offered by Western Kentucky University’s center for cave and karst studies and the Mammoth cave national park International center for science and learning
L. A. Croft, N. Crawford, M. DePoy


Caves of Marvel: Speleology as Adult Environmental Education
N. Kourampas


Change in attitudes after first visit to a cave: A Q-methodological study
L.G. El-Dash, O.A.F. Scaleante


A Century of Linkages and Synergy: Western Kentucky University and the Mammoth Cave System
D. Groves, C. Groves, W. Hawkins

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