Tursday: Session 19

Speleogenesis and evoluation of karst aquifers including geology, hydrogeology and geomorphology VII

Invited Chair: P. De Geest, A. Alexopoulos


High-Resolution Speleothem Records from Soqotra Island (Yemen), Provide Clues to the Indian Ocean Monsoon System
P. De Geest, S. Verheyden, H. Cheng, L. Edwrards,
E. Keppens


Karst Connection Model for the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
C. A. Hill, N. Eberz, R. H. Buecher


Eogenetic karst, glacioeustatic cave-pools and anchihaline environments in Mallorca island. A discussion on coastal speleogenesis
A.Gines, J. Gines


The Role of Joint Slope on the Shafts Speleogenesis at a Base of Epikarst
I. Baron


Karst as a settling factor
V. Andreychuk

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