Tuesday: Session 8

Archaeology and palaeontology in caves including art and anthropology III

Invited Chair: F. Beyano, S. Samartzidou


“Folia Drakou” Cave (Potamoi, Drama, Macedonia, Greece) Geological – Speleological study. Preliminary report
E. Vavliakis, M. Vaxevanopoulos, G. Lazaridis, C. Pennos, S. Zahariadis,  H. Garlaouni


Archaeological Excavations in Hourriyeh Cave (Qadisha valley – Lebanon)
F. Beyano, C. Mattar, H. Abdoul-Nour


Cave explorations an the islands of Karpathos and Kasos (South Aegean, Greece)
T. Rathgeber, H. Jantschke


Remarks on the problems of the palaeolithic terminology
N.A. Poulianos


The absolute datings of Petralona Cave
N.A. Poulianos

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