Tuesday: Session 14

Glacial caves and karst in polar regions I

Invited Chair: G. Badino, G. Tartari 


New type of englacial channels
B.R. Mavlyudov 


Modification of cave entrances in Norway by marine action
T. Faulkner


Is it possible to correlate sediments in a glacial cave?
H. Hestangen, S.E. Lauritzen


Chemical denudation rates in a polar karst catchment: Londonelva, Svalbard
W.E. Krawczyk, L.E. Pettersson


The reasons of high biodiversity in karst landscapes of the Northern taiga
S. Goryachkin, J. Zakharchenko, M. Glazov, V. Malkov,
L. Puchnina, A. Rykov, A. Semikolennykh, E. Shavrina,
I. Spiridonova, T. Tuyukina

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