Tursday: Session 30

Speleo-therapy – Speleology and tourism development I

Invited Chair: G. Veni, G. Antonopoulos


Environment research regarding the use of the potentially therapeutical factors which exist in the cavities of a salt mine for the performance of certain perspectives of speleotherapy development in Romania
I. Simionca, M. Hoteteu, N. Grudnicki, J. Kiss, L. Enache, G. Petec Calin, R. Rogojan, M. Matei


The structure of the therapeutic (speleotherapeutical) factor in the salt mines- Primordial element in speleotherapy mechanism and effect
I. Simionca


Natural and artificial air ionization in underground spaces – An environmental factor with therapeutic potential
L. Enache, C. Filipescu, I.Simionca,  S. Botea, M. Hoteteu, J. Kiss, C. Petec, R. Rogojan


Recent research into Vjetrenica and the current view of the cave regarding its candidature for the World Heritage List
I. Lučić, D. Bakšić, J. Mulaomerović, R. Ozimec


The destructive development of Alistrati Cave
N.A. Poulianos


Introduction and tourist development of Postojna cave from 1818 – 2004
B. Debevc

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