Tursday: Session 28

Speleogenesis and evoluation of karst aquifers including geology, hydrogeology and geomorphology XI

Invited Chair: L. Hose, K. Papadopoulou


Qattine Azar Cave in Lebanon: From Speleology to Socio Economic development
A. Comaty, J. Saadeh


The role of chemical weathering in the erosional speleogenesis of some caves in Igneous rocks
L. D. Hose


Decoupled and depth stratified circulation in a coastal carbonate aquifer: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
P.A. Beddows, P.L. Smart, S.L. Smith, F.F. Whitaker


Improving the Accuracy of Subsurface Cartography Using Geophysics and GIS
J. A. Tallent, N. C. Crawford, P. Kambesis


Recent karst and cave studies of the Aladaglar Massif, Central Taurus, Turkey and their significance to paleogeographic reconstructions
L. Nazik, S. Bayari, A. Klimchouk, N. Ozyurt, K. Tork


Results of the Field Work in Kapovaya Cave (Shulgantash)
Yu. Lyakhnitsky, A. Solodeinikov, A. Yushko

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