Tursday: Session 26

Physical chemistry and geochemistry I & Paleokarst and speleochronology II

Invited Chair: J. James, I. Basiakos


The underground legend of Carbon Dioxide heaviness
G. Badino


Calibrated Holocene Paleotemperature Record for North America from Stable Isotopic Analyses of Speleothems and their Fluid Inclusions
P.A. Beddows, R. Zhang, D.C. Ford, H.P. Schwarcz


Origin of the Climatic Cycles from Orbital to Sub-Annual: Speleothem data
Y. Shopov, D. Stoykova, L.T. Tsankov , D.C. Ford , C.J. Yonge


Periodicity in environmental change revealed from New Zealand speleothems
P.W. Williams, D.N.T. King, J.X. Zhao, K.D. Collerson


A register of Italian sea caves
G. Ferrari

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