Tursday: Session 23

Paleokarst and speleochronology I

Invited Chair: J. James, I. Basiakos


Climate information record in the stalagmites in the Chongquing regions, China
T. Li, D. Yan, L. Wang, X. He, J. Wang


Submerged Speleothem and Groundwater Chemistry of Inazumi Cave, Oita Prefecture, Japan
K. Yoshimura, K. Kurisaki, K. Urata, H. Schwarcz, D. Ford


Polycyclic origin of fossil karst at Hranice Paleozoic, Czech Republic
J.R. Otava


Cosmic Rays, Solar Luminosity or Orbital Variations Drive the Earth’s Climate? Speleothem Arguments
Y. Shopov, D. Stoykova


Decadal and Century Climatic Cycles in North Italy Derived from High- Resolution Luminescence Speleothem Records
D. Stoykova, Y. Shopov, L.Tsankov, U. Sauro,
A. Borsato, F. Cucchi, P. Forti, S. Frisia

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