Tursday: Session 22

Speleogenesis and evoluation of karst aquifers including geology, hydrogeology and geomorphology IX

Invited Chair: P. Kambesis, G. Migiros


Caves connected with gravitational spreading of the elevated mountain ridges in the Moravian-Silesian Beskids (Czech Republic)
O. Krejci, F. Hubatka, J. Svancara


Seismothems caused by neotectonic activity in the Eastern Alps
L. Plan, Ch. Spötl, B. Grasemann, K. Decker, K.H. Offenbecher, G. Wiesmayr


Ghost Cave, Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan
J. All, C. Groves, P. Kambesis


Cave systems in the Eastern Totes Gebirge (Austria) and their implication on alpine speleogenesis
R. Seebacher, M. Behm, L.Plan


Geological investigation of the speleothems in limestone caves, Korea
R. Kim, K.S. Woo, D.W. Choi

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