Friday: Session 40

History of speleology

Invited Chair: U. Widmer, Gr. Papadopoulos


Results of Bulgarian-Albanian Speleological Researches in Albania (1991-2004)
A. Zhalov


Historical Data for Karst Phenomena in the province of Macedonia, Greece (XVII-XX C.)
A. Zhalov, M. Stamenova


The speleological researches in South-West China of the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Verona (Italy)
R. Zorzin, L. Latella


Saga of the Boston Grotto
E.N. Pothos, J.S. Stokowski, K. Harris, C.Taylor, J. Evans, M. Gasser, G. Ehrenfried, A. Budreau


The international speleological expedition to Tanzania – organisation pre-during-post expedition
E.Van den Broeck


Lukina jama-Manuál II, Slovačka jama, Medúza, and the share of the Slovak cavers at discovering some of the deepest abysses of the world and of underground superverticals in Velebit Mts.(Croatia) in the years 1990 – 2004
B. Šmída

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