Friday: Session 39

Speleology and tourism development II

Invited Chair: G. Campion, Ch. Petreas


Perspective of development of Maronia cave and the surrounding area (Thrace, Greece)
S. Pavlides, I. Chatzigogas


Exploring Cave Interpretation: Towards a set of key principles for interpreting tourist caves
R. Black, P. Davidson


Caves of Isla de Mona, Puerto Rico
P. Kambesis


In pursuit of geo-national park status in Fengshan county, Guangxi, Southern China; the balance between the needs of the local population, tourism and conservation
G. Campion


The Lebanese perception of the Endokarstic inheritance
L. Doumit, R. Adjizian-Gerard, C. Gauchon


Sustainable Touristic Use of the Caves of Salado III (Chorriaca), La Laguna (Balsa Huitrín) and Los Gatos (Rincón de los Sauces). Neuquén Province, Argentina
J. Allemand, L. Loyza, E. Lipps

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