Friday: Session 36

Speleogenesis and evoluation of karst aquifers including geology, hydrogeology and geomorphology XV

Invited Chair: D. Ford, I. Karakostanoglou


Fifty Springs on the Niagara Escarpment, Ontario, Canada
D. Ford, S. Worthington


Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis in the karstic aquifer of the chain “Peaks of the Musi mountain» (Western Julian Fore-Alps, NE Italy)   
R. Semeraro


Karst hydrogeology of Lookout mountain: A synclinal mountain in the folded appalachian mountains of South-Central Tennessee, USA
B. Sakofsky, K. Ballew, N. Crawford


Intensive monitoring of drip water in two shallow caves
G. Veni, B.L. Shade


Groundwater sensitivity mapping of the Beaver Dam and Campbellsville 30′ X 60′ Quadrangles
P. Kambesis, A. Croskrey, C. Groves

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