Friday: Session 34

Speleogenesis and evoluation of karst aquifers including geology, hydrogeology and geomorphology XIV

Invited Chair: P. Williams, A. Zamani


Contribution to the cave origin by mechanical weathering in temperate zone
L. Gaal


Infiltration in the dolomitic karstic system of Nerja Cave (Southern Spain)
B. Andreo Navarro, C. Liñán, F. Carrasco, C. Batiot, C. Emblanche, J.J. Durán


Unusual subqueous speleothems from Zlomisk Cave (Low Tatra Mountains, Slovakia)
M. Gradzinski, P. Holubek


Cueva Charles Brewer (Chimanta) and Cueva Ojos de Cristal (Roraima) – the greatest quartzite caves of the world, table mountains, Venezuela
B. Šmída, C. Brewer-Carías, M. Audy, F. Mayoral


Velika klisura (Gryka e Madhe) in Kosovo – the discovery and exploration f one of the biggest cave systems at Balkan
B. Šmída, J. Šmoll

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